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The future of high-speed Internet has arrived! Get a reliable ADSL connection with a FREE month NOW! Call us at 16700 for further information. Our customer service is waiting for your call.

ADSL Premium Packages

NOOR ADSL Premium Packages
NOOR has released a high speed premium ADSL with a wide range of services supporting
internet connections.

NOW! You Can Pay through Fawry

NOW, you can pay ALL your NOOR invoices via Fawry.

Win an Apple iPad or iPhone

Win an Apple iPad or iPhone when you subscribe for 4 or 8 MB! Call us NOW on 16700.

Get Social!

Join NOOR on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Now it’s easier than ever to connect with NOOR.

NOOR at the CSA Event

CSA Event
NOOR held a new event at CSA’s premises, promotional giveaways were handed out for both VIP and regular participants.