NOOR1 network expansion embraces world leading technology - A first for North Africa.

NOOR are forever focused on ensuring that we continue to provide the best service, support and solutions to our valued clients.

We are very pleased to announce that we have commenced an expansion and upgrade of our existing network and are applying leading network field technology across Noor infrastructure. Noor is the first ISP in North Africa to be embracing a Next Generation Network (Also known as NGN); with the NGN concept being a broad term to describe key architectural evolutions within telecommunications networks. To put it simply, NGN consolidates multiple carrier technologies into one core transport network by the use of IP Technology.

An NGN's core strength is its ability to provide great flexibility in supporting virtually unlimited features such as IPv6 protocols, multicasting, VoIP, Video Conferencing and Surveillance Solutions etc; however Noor's vision is not limited to just ensuring that we are technologically current. Our operations models and quality of service levels are the most important to us and the implementation of an NGN at NOOR has been undertaken to provide an increase in backbone bandwidth, to enhance ease of operation; and to greatly improve our service provisioning and maintenance processes in parallel.

NOOR are well underway with this expansion and have committed to a multi-phased upgrade schedule that will ensure that there will be no interruptions to your existing services. In due course, we will be outlining the many benefits of these market leading network upgrades in more detail and future updates in regards to the overall status of the expansion will also be provided.

Again, NOOR is leading the way as the first ISP in North Africa to implement infrastructure that embraces these protocols and we are proud to be leading the market in this regard. 2010 represents continued growth, opportunity and excellence for NOOR. We thank you for your commitment to us and we are looking forward to a positive future together as one.