"The most professional Data Carrier / Service Provider in Egypt"

Mr. Emad Khalaf FedEx Express Senior IT Manager

As NOOR continues to offer superb reliable services to the most professional customers in the region, in this issue of our newsletter, we interview Mr. Emad Khalaf, FedEx Express Senior IT Manger. FedEx's Vision is to be the most professional, ethical and customer friendly Express Transportation Company in the fields of Cargo, Express and Warehouses.

Q. How important are communications and connectivity services to FedEx's business operations?
A. Two different systems and twenty five different applications run simultaneously, serving FedEx's branches relying on the connectivity services. FedEx believes that moving a shipment from one place to another is only 50% of the job, the other 50% lies in making it available for customers to track down their shipments, if the system is down, 50% of the performance is unfulfilled, that's why the constant availability of the connectivity services is very critical.

Q. What do those applications require from a Service Provider?
A. Reliability is the most important factor. The link must be up and running 24/7.

Q. Based on what criteria do you choose as “FedEx” your Service Provider?
A. Reputation by referral and service level. Reputation here is not marketing but simply the recommendation by other corporations who have already tried the service, the service level is determined through the interface and the interaction with the staff and the engineers.

Q. FedEx has services from other Data Carriers / Service Providers, how would you rank NOOR amongst other Service Providers?
A. The best.

Q. Can you describe NOOR in a few words?
A. The most professional Data Carrier / Service Provider in Egypt.

Q. You're in constant contact with NOOR engineers, what do you think of them?
A. Professional and experienced, their turnover and certifications are a true reflection how experienced they are.

Q. Are you considering deploying additional services from NOOR?
A. Yes. The messaging system, NOOR XMS

Q. Would you recommend NOOR as a Service Provider?
A. Definitely, I am almost like a salesman for NOOR, and I have already recommended NOOR a number of times.