"NOOR makes an outstanding difference. Simply, NOOR sets a completely different standard."

IT Department

As NOOR continues to offer superb reliable services to the most professional customers in the region, in this issue of our newsletter, we interview Mr. Waleed Abdel Aziz Mohamed, from Jotun.

Q. How did you first hear about NOOR?
A. I heard about NOOR since 2000 through advertisement. From the very start, we felt that NOOR is a prestigious and capable data carrier.

Q. Can you describe Jotun's business operations in brief?
A. Jotun has three branches, Cairo, Alexandria & Ismailia. We use ERP & Lotus Domino applications, connected through leased lines. We also communicate with Jotun external offices abroad. Our databases have the feature of replication. Those applications require stability and reliability from the service provider. It is vital to keep applications online all the time.

Q. Are you planning to deploy any new service from NOOR?
A. Yes, NOOR Connect Plus (MPLS VPN).

Q. What are the criteria by which Jotun chooses a service provider?
A. While we can not ignore the price factor, we look also for quality, reliability and support.

Q. Choosing NOOR rather than other service providers, you should have a reason behind that. Kindly advise it.
A. We have dealt with several service providers before, and NOOR makes an outstanding difference. Simply, NOOR sets a completely different standard.

Q. Being in constant contact with NOOR engineers, how would your rate them technically?
A. They are perfect! The best thing is that there's always someone who knows about our case history.

Q. How do you describe NOOR in a few words?
A. Quality, reliability and support. Other providers may have quality and reliability, but in terms of support, NOOR comes first, and I would defiantly recommend NOOR as the best service provider.