"You are number one on my recommendation list".

Ashraf Hamed IT Director, Egypt and Middle East

In this issue of our monthly newsletter we interviewed Mr. Ashraf Hamed, Duravit IT manager, Egypt and Middle East. Duravit is currently deploying full mesh Frame-Relay VPN.

Q. What encouraged you to add a fourth branch to your full mesh FR-VPN?
A. Service quality and support. In the very rare cases when the service is down, we know that from NOOR, unlike all other service providers. In addition, the time taken for solving problems is quite satisfying. In Duravit, we are very happy with NOOR's service level, especially in terms of the links' delay time which is minimal, and the very impressive proactive response we get from NOOR engineers.

Q. NOOR services are varied. Are you planning to deploy other services?
A. Yes, we are planning on adding other branches to our Frame-Relay VPN through NOOR. Moreover, we are considering deploying Internet services and migrating to MPLS VPN.

Q. Do you think NOOR has contributed effectively to Duravit's Business?
A. One of Duravit business model requirements is placing orders from any Duravit branch. Communication stability is essential for IT services, upon which critical applications like Domino & ERP are based. Instable connection would negatively affect orders, shipments and enterprise applications. For this reason, stable communication is so important for Duravit. Though we have services from other providers, NOOR was chosen as our main provider.

Q. Do you see NOOR’s transparency with customers as an advantage or disadvantage?
A. It is a great advantage. With NOOR, nothing is vague at all. There is no problem tracking trouble tickets, but more importantly I am always fully informed of the problem. In addition I am always given a realistic time frame to solve any problem.

Q. Last May, NOOR presented a big event under the name of Empower. What is your feedback on the event?
A. NOOR Empower was impressive, and during the event I have learnt about NOOR value added services, which we are thinking of outsourcing now. I am interested in attending future events.

Q. Would you recommend NOOR as a service provider/data carrier?
A. You are number one on my recommendation list.