"NOOR is a real business partner that is helping me achieving my corporate objectives"

Mr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab IT Manager

In this issue of our newsletter, we interview Mr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Information Systems & Information Technology Manager of Lafarge Titan, one of Egypt’s largest cement companies.

Q. What are the services that Lafarge Titan is currently deploying from NOOR?
A. Connecting five business units located at Cairo, Alex., Abou Talat And Beni Sueif, serving more than 300 users concurrently using our business systems and business resources

Q. How many service providers are involved in Lafarge Titan's network?
A. Communication lines for Lafarge-Titan Egypt currently provided by two service providers

Q. Lafarge Titan has a branch based entirely on wireless communication; does this integration fit well in Lafarge Titan's MPLS cloud? And how flexible is MPLS communication?
A. When we started the wireless network, the plan was to install it as a backup for the legacy land line, but after working and testing both of them, we are currently using the wireless communication as the main connection for business units with the head office.

Q. How has NOOR contributed to Lafarge Titan's competitiveness in the cement business?
A. Decision making is easier, quicker and more accurate with availability of information anywhere throughout our internal LAN. No question that communication lines are the heart and soul of this process. This is one of our key strengths which support our internal task environment.

Q. How would you rate NOOR Quality of Service (QoS) versus price matrix as compared to other service providers?
A. The price matrix is actually very good if compared with the QoS we have.

Q. Are there any further services would you consider deploying from NOOR?
A. Yes, we are considering implementation of an alarming system in case of any failure, and implementation of a tangible measurement tool to measure services provided by NOOR.

Q. Data transfer is very crucial and critical, how do you perceive NOOR's backup solutions in Lafarge Titan's Sheraton branch?
A. It provides more business stability and it is meeting the requirements of our internal control standards to give better service to our clients

Q. How would you describe NOOR in a few words?
A. NOOR is a real business partner that is helping me achieving my corporate objectives.

Q. Have you found the services needed by Lafarge Titan in NOOR's product list?
A. Yes.. all of them. In fact we found that NOOR product list and catalogue are very useful.

Q. Would you recommend NOOR as a service provider to others?
A. Definitely yes.