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Through our deep understanding of the varying requirements of the major market sectors, whether corporates or consumers, NOOR embraces a technological approach that is based on maximum efficiency, deliverability and reliability for and every each respective segment.

NOOR has taken numerous measures to ensure the continuity and stability of our internet services at all times; our services are routed through International carriers using multiple submarine cables that are directed to several destinations throughout Europe, Asia and the USA.

Dedicated bandwidth Internet

A bandwidth that meets the agreed allocations is a crucial requirement; NOOR has taken every measure possible to ensure that all customers are achieving the actual contracted bandwidth at all times.

- The access technology used is able to provide symmetric two way data traffic.
- Bandwidth dedication starts from the customer CPE (router or modem) all through NOOR network up until the internet gateway.
- Another bandwidth dedication measure is taken into consideration which is the International capacity, where NOOR policy is set for allocated bandwidth for each customer.
- The previous measures are all explored in the Service Level Agreement provided by NOOR.

Shared Bandwidth Internet

For home users’ requirements and usage patterns, a shared bandwidth internet approach allows us to provide the customer with the required bandwidth at an affordable cost while maintaining exemplary standards of service and support.

Shared Bandwidth Internet Advantages Include:
- The access technology used is able to provide Asymmetric data traffic.
- Download traffic is generally larger in capacity than upload traffic which meets the needs of a home internet user.
- Services are delivered over existing phone lines which eliminates the need to embrace any new technical infrastructure.