For the fifth consecutive year, NOOR is the Official Internet Service Provider of the RiseUp Summit

NOOR once again is the official internet service provider for the RiseUp Summit 2018. NOOR will provide the needed connectivity services to empower the summit for the 5th consecutive year with services that include online streaming for summit speakers, WiFi access to the guests in addition to various connectivity services. The 6th edition of the RiseUp Summit held in downtown Cairo is considered MENA’s region largest innovation and entrepreneurship summit attended by thousands. 

Highlighting the role played by NOOR in the startup ecosystem, Dr. Basel Dalloul, Chairman of NOOR, said, “It has always been part of our goals supporting the startup ecosystem in the country. Startups help economic growth and reduce unemployment. We ourselves as a company began as a startup back in 1999. Today we have setup our very own incubation arm in order to drive this strategy forward.”

On his part, Fadi El-Jundi, NOOR’s President said, “We are very pleased to participate in the 6th edition of the RiseUp Summit. We are featuring this year one of our very own startups from our incubator arm NOOR Cube. We are always keen on supporting the ecosystem. NOOR empowers most of the coworking spaces in the country with internet connectivity. Participating as an official sponsor in the RiseUp Summit is an annual ritual, we have grown accustomed to.”

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